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KYXLED car headlamp "one key refit", change the lamp to follow the trend!

Time:2018-07-23 Views:259
    If the front face of a car is compared to the face, the headlamp is the eye, and its assembly and light bulbs will age with the increase of time used, resulting in the dimming of the car headlamp.That is to say, because of the use of lights, if we do not timely change the lights, we will be driving at night when the probability of accidents will increase year by year.Although the annual inspection of the vehicle will carry out strict inspection of the headlights, we still need to keep an eye on the situation of the headlights in the daily driving process. Once there is a significant decline in the brightness, or a hidden danger for safe driving, we must timely replace the headlights.
    Most of the original car headlights are using halogen lights, in addition to small irradiation range brightness is not very high, it is can‘t stand for owners of perfectionist, looked out from the past, the yellow halogen lamp, down to the original car class because owners often at night, the original car are not overloaded with (halogen lamp, came to the idea of light!
    The appearance after refitting appears to have spirit suddenly, added a beauty to your car again, drive on the road is more dazzling undoubtedly, let your car become more personality, more dazzle color beautiful, have to love!
    Through the core LED car headlamp "one key refit", it is a safe appearance level double harvest!!The lighting effect is obvious to all, not to mention, in the night greatly protect our driving safety, let you fall in love with the night!Coixin LED car headlamp "one key refit", change the lamp to follow the trend!
    Improved near-light effect: sharp cutting line, bright and clear lighting, and much wider exposure range than the original headlights.
    Obviously, for some halogen headlamps, it is necessary to modify LED headlights.
    Improved far-light effect: wide exposure range, long range, brightness in the center, can be a good lighting ahead of the blind area, so that more safe and comfortable driving.
    Lighting upgrade outdoor near-light effect: strong lighting effect, wide exposure and far.The night car should still have bright lights!
    Lighting upgrade outdoor far-light effect: the exposure range is wider and farther, the light is more even, the penetration is stronger, lets you drive at night as relaxed and comfortable as the day.
    Warm tips: safety is not only the brake, but also the light, and civilized use the light, when meeting the use of close light oh!
If you think we are good, please recommend to your friends!Reasonable modification of the lights is related to the safety of the night traffic.
    We need to choose professional core-core car lighting, and professional refitting personnel will give you a reasonable modification scheme.Can raise the brightness of lamplight already, won‘t appear again the refit that breaks the law.
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