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LED car headlight heat dissipation one of the main ways: passive heat dissipation

Time:2018-07-17 Views:245

    The main forms of passive heat dissipation are the copper braid heat dissipation and the aluminum body heat dissipation.
Copper braid for heat dissipation
    The heat dissipation of
LED headlight is carried out by copper braided tail and called copper strip.Heat is quickly transmitted through the copper belt.In terms of heat dissipation materials, the heat dissipation performance of copper is second only to that of gold and silver, which is better than that of aluminum. When the braided belt is fully stretched, the best effect can be achieved.
    Advantages: small size, folding tail, easy to install.Disadvantages: copper is easy to be oxidized at high temperature, so it greatly reduces its ability of thermal radiation when plating nickel on the surface of copper belt.

The aluminum body heat
    The heat generated by the integral heat dissipation lamp body is transmitted through heat conduction to the exposed aluminum seat at the tail end of the air, and then carried away by air flow.In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, some of the lamp body will be coated with nanometer radiation paint, greatly increasing the heat dissipation performance.There is also fin cooling, soft aluminum cooling, but also the same way of different structures.
    Advantages: use the led headlamp body itself spontaneous heat dissipation, the exterior can besmear nanometer lacquer to help heat dissipation, accelerate heat dissipation speed.Cons: usually the tail is bigger.Due to the lack of space, many cars cannot normally disperse heat, which affects the cooling effect.

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