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LED headlight bulb heat dissipation main mode: active heat dissipation mode

Time:2018-07-18 Views:265

Active cooling mode
Active cooling speeds up air convection -- yes, fans!!This way of heat dissipation is a little more at the end of the LED fan, when the LED light, at the end of the small fan also follow to work together, through the fan of the aluminum heat rely on air convection in the form of heat to the air.According to different types of fans, there are several forms of active heat dissipation that are widely used nowadays: hydraulic fan, double ball fan and turbine fan

Hydraulic fan
Fan: the hydraulic bearing is a bearing moment within a special spiral groove, the bearing rotates lubricating oil squeeze evenly distributed between shaft and shaft sleeve form a buoyancy hold axis, in order to reduce friction, heat dissipation technology to reduce noise.
Advantage: the average life of hydraulic fan can reach 40,000 hours, running noise is low, in the current market has a high proportion.

Double ball fan
Double ball bearing fan: namely is to use the form of rolling friction, adopted two ball bearing, bearing of several small steel ball around the axis, when fan page or axis of rotation, steel ball which followed the rotation of the cooling technology.
Advantages: the double ball fan has a long life, about 50,000 ~ 100,000 hours, good anti-aging performance, high speed and large air volume.

The centrifugal fan, is by the rotating motor to drive the impeller and blade forcing the gas in the impeller rotation, the gas power, allow it to increase the momentum of the gas under the action of centrifugal force, the impeller thrown around, through the vortex type chassis can converts kinetic energy into pressure, when the gas discharge within the impeller, the pressure inside the impeller is lower than the pressure inside the duct, new gas under the action of pressure difference, suction impeller, the gas is continuous escape from the fan.
Advantages: high air pressure, centrifugal fan can take up less space to output more air volume, improve the cooling effect.

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