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New Arrival KYXLED three-color LED car headlights

Time:2018-08-08 Views:171
    KYXLED V9 series three - color led car headlight officially went on sale in August!V9 tri-color new model, three color temperature in a body, no matter sunny, rain fog or haze days can all be used.In the desert, in the rain forest;No matter the winter of snow and ice, or the hot summer sun, all can appropriate.
    Three colors refer to the same car headlamp, which can be changed by changing the color temperature and mode to adapt to different weather and operating environment.The three-color temperature is 6000K pure white light, 4300K yellow light and 2200K yellow light.
    The pure white light of 6000K, like the sunlight at noon, is good in color and clear in the road.
    2200K yellow light is more penetrating, which is generally suitable for rain fog, haze days and sunny days.
    4300K yellow light and white, between the above two, generally suitable for rain, fog, sunny days.

Watch the actual lighting effect video, click here:
V9 3 colors led headlight bulbs

    The distance between the luminous points is very small. The luminous points are set to simulate the point luminescence of the original vehicle‘s halogen lamp.The focal length is matched with the reflective cup of the original headlamp assembly.The effect of high lamp is visible with high Angle and long distance, which can improve the line of sight and expand the field of vision.
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