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The heat dissipation performance is the key factor that determines the life of LED headlamp

Time:2018-07-16 Views:289
    LED headlamps are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. If the LED lights are kept on at high temperature, it is easy to have low power, low service life and beaded out of the lamp.
    There are two main cooling modes of
LED headlight in the market: passive cooling and active cooling
    The main forms of passive heat dissipation are the copper braid heat dissipation and the aluminum body heat dissipation.
Active cooling mode
    Active cooling speeds up air convection -- yes, fans!!This way of heat dissipation is a little more at the end of the LED fan, when the LED light, at the end of the small fan also follow to work together, through the fan of the aluminum heat rely on air convection in the form of heat to the air.
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