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2018 Germany Munich Electronics Fair-Osram‘s car light solution

Time:2018-11-27 Views:125
    From November 13th to 16th, the 2018 German Munich Electronics Show will be held every two years. The theme of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is “Connecting Everything”, which focuses on the application of electronic components in key future areas, including connected cars, smart industries and medical technologies. Well-known companies from all over the world have gathered here to compete for the latest products and innovative technologies.At this exhibition, many companies from Germany, including BMW, Audi, China, Infineon, Osram and other leading car companies and parts companies that are leading the development of the automotive industry, participated in the exhibition. The headquarters or production bases of these companies are not far apart, demonstrating a wide range of innovative technologies.
    At present, the automotive lighting market is in the transition stage based on the development of semiconductor lighting technology, and the importance and influence of software and electronic products are increasing. This major development trend was further verified at the exhibition site. In addition, with the continuous development of autonomous driving technology, the use of cars is constantly changing. At this exhibition, the OSRAM car booth was divided into three parts, namely headlights, laser radar, and interior atmosphere lights. In addition, the self-driving concept car "Snap" appeared on the scene, attracting a large number of people to stop watching, Osram‘s car light solution was very intuitive display on this car.