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Apple applies for a new patent - can effectively filter high beam pollution

Time:2018-11-02 Views:139
In life, the word "far-light dog" is often heard from the old drivers. Without explanation, it is enough to feel the hate of the oncoming high beam when the driver is driving. There are also special glasses in the market to deal with the high beam. The solution is really not the same, not to mention the actual effect is not satisfactory.
Apple‘s self-driving car also noticed this problem. Recently, Apple applied to the US Trademark and Patent Office for a patent called "Active Anti-Glare System", which is reported to effectively reduce the light reaching the driver‘s glasses. Alleviate the problem of high beam pollution.
First, Apple uses the camera to confirm the driver‘s current eye position, while other sensors in the car collect light information from the interior lights, external sources (sun, headlights, street lights, etc.). After the central control station analyzes all the information, it then commands the light module installed at the windshield and the rear view mirror to adjust the light reflection on the surface to block or weaken the glare that affects the driver‘s normal driving. Improve the safety of driving.