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Automotive lighting application-LED Headlight

Time:2018-10-15 Views:146
Lighting fixtures are an indispensable device when driving a car,especially LED car headlights. There are two main functions of car luminaires: one is to provide lighting functions inside and outside the car, that is, to illuminate roads, traffic signs, pedestrians, other vehicles, identification signs and obstacles. In addition, it provides services for reading and entertainment in the car. Lighting; the second is the signal function, providing the driver or pedestrian with a signal warning function to indicate the presence of the vehicle and to convey the driving state of the vehicle.
Automotive lighting equipment is an integral part of automotive electrical appliances. It not only directly affects vehicle performance and driving safety, but also has important significance in improving transportation efficiency, saving energy, and implementing traffic regulations. Modern automotive lighting involves computer science, software engineering, electronic informatics, electrical engineering, mechanics, chemical engineering, photochromism, physiology, psychology, ergonomics, and aesthetics. It is a cross-disciplinary subject formed by the mutual penetration and intersection of various disciplines. It has its own unique functional requirements, test technology and computing technology, and is self-contained.
Automotive exterior applications, exterior lighting:
Automotive LED headlights (low beam/high beam headlights), front fog lights, width lights and curved lights for arc lighting, direction indicators, side lights, pedal lighting door lights, door status lights (lights only when the door is open), puddle lights, daytime lights, etc.;
Rear of the car: stop lamp, direction indicator, taillights showing the presence of the vehicle, reversing lights, license plate lights, parking lights, indicators on the mirror, high-position brake lights for window glass installation (HMSL) ), rear fog lights, etc.
Automotive interior applications, automotive interiors:
There are instrument backlights, reading lights, audio / door / air conditioning and other indicators, the interior of the interior of the variable color lighting, ambient lights, dressing lights, internal turn signals, trunk lights.
According to the statistics of Visteon, the average time of each car is about one hour, 200 hours of low beam headlights, about 30 hours of high beam headlights, 200 hours of brake lights, 220 hours of taillights, 75 hours of turn signals, parking lights 220 Hours, side lights 220 hours, high brake lights for 200 hours, reversing lights for 25 hours, license plate lights for 220 hours, daytime turning lights for 280 hours.
Shenzhen Kezhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides a variety of automotive lighting solutions for automotive lighting exterior lighting applications, automotive headlights (near/high beam headlights), which is tireless research, careful and meticulous engineering and the pursuit of perfection. The result of the passion. Ke Yixin‘s focus is always to help customers achieve their goals.