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Automotive lighting using LED for array management is critical

Time:2018-11-19 Views:132
    If you plan to buy a car, what is the most important indicator? It is estimated that 100% of people will say safety and price. So, what kind of indicators will you pay attention to while ensuring safety and reasonable price? It is estimated that this is the best choice which one to choose, so the current car design is increasingly pursuing fashion sense. LED automotive lighting can bring a more intuitive and cool experience to the car, and the energy saving effect is better, so the application is more and more widely, including car headlights, car taillights, window lighting, functional lighting, advanced lighting and so on. According to Strategy Analytics, security and branding are the two main factors driving LED acceptance in the frontlight platform of the car. The current annual growth rate of the solution is 30%.
   Since multiple cars are required in a car, OEMs are introducing advanced security management for LED and matrix lighting designs. Maxim‘s MAX20092 is a 12-channel switch matrix manager, Tamer Kira said, "This device enables high-performance LED array lights and adaptive beam conditioning designs to meet higher current device requirements while reducing solution size and flexibility. The on-resistance of the matrix switch is the lowest in the industry, and the IC minimizes the heating of the LED array illumination, which is 65% lower than the closest competitive solution."