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Demand for automotive lighting is rapidly advancing the development of LED headlight lighting

Time:2018-09-03 Views:143
Compared with the traditional light source, the LED light source has many performance advantages, long life, fast response, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, plus small LED size and easy shape, which contributes to the flexible design of the lamp shape, which enhances the LED headlight competitiveness. 
Second, the state‘s strong support for the LED industry has given birth to a benign ecology of LED technology applications. In short, LED cost erosion, performance optimization, LED module standardization, driving cost reduction, and increased automotive LED demand have accelerated the application and promotion of LED technology. According to the statistics of a company‘s new development projects, LED light source has accounted for more than 90%, that is, models that will be launched in the next two to three years, almost all models will use LED light sources.
It is worth mentioning that the development of new energy vehicles has promoted the application of LED lights, which not only accelerates the popularity of LED vehicle lighting, but also creates more possibilities for LED applications in the entire vehicle.
Due to the demand for cruising range of new energy vehicles, in addition to improving battery performance, it is also necessary to reduce energy consumption in all aspects, LED luminous efficiency is high, energy consumption
It is only about 30% of traditional halogen lamps. For example, BYD‘s complete vehicle luminaires, all light sources are replaced by LED bulbs, and the bicycle can save about 250W.Energy consumption, taking the BYD E6 as an example, can save about 3% to 5% of electricity, so the demand for LED lighting for new energy vehicles is very strong.
In addition, LED headlight technology can achieve more applications in new energy vehicles. Due to the energy consumption problem, the new energy vehicles are generally designed to be lighter, and the LEDs are concentrated and the light source is small, which can better meet the needs of the new energy vehicles for compact lights.