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HYUNDAI MOBIS has developed the first fog-free led headlight

Time:2018-07-23 Views:174

    Hyundai mobius announced on June 25 that it has developed a new material that could help manufacturers of led headlamps around the world tackle the challenge of fog in their headlight. The new material has been used in all of its led headlight products, foreign media reported.Modern mobius USES new materials for every led part of its car, successfully reducing its weight by 20%.
    To fundamentally solve the problem of LED headlights fogging up, hyundai mobius teamed up with INITZ, a south Korean materials supplier, to develop a new material that will not emit any gas within a year and a half of the start of the project.In the course of the project, modern mobius has successfully produced such imported materials locally and is now preparing to jointly apply domestic and foreign patents.

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