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LG electronics acquired an Austrian automotive lighting company-ZKW

Time:2018-07-27 Views:182
    In April 2018, LG electronics bought ZKW, an Austrian automotive lighting company, for more than 1.1 billion euros.The acquisition expands LG‘s automotive lighting business from primarily providing taillamps to all areas of automotive components, including headlamps, while BMW, audi, porsche and Volkswagen will be among LG‘s customers as the acquisition completes.
    LG has been aggressively tapping into the car market recently, with sales of car parts at LG electronics nearly tripling in three years to won3.38 trillion.The acquisition of ZKW by LG electronics will enable LG group to provide complete automotive component services, with LG Display making automotive panels, LG Chem making automotive batteries, and LG Innotek making motors and communications equipment.
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