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Osram and Continental group successfully concluded the agreement

Time:2018-07-25 Views:185
    In April 2018, Osram and Continental group successfully concluded the agreement and the two parties will officially launch the joint venture Osram Continental GmbH in the second half of 2018. The products of the joint venture include LED modules for headlamps and taillights.
    In recent years, osram has moved frequently in the field of automotive lighting.In August 2017, osram paid tens of millions of euros for a 25.1% stake in LeddarTech, a Canadian lidar company, which further boosted osram‘s position in autonomous driving.In November of the same year, osram announced the establishment of a joint venture with Continental, a large manufacturer of automotive parts, which provides light sources and Continental controls systems.The aim of this move is to provide innovative lighting solutions specially designed for the application of headlights and taillights, so as to realize the complementary advantages and the combination of strength and strength, so as to quickly introduce products to the market and occupy the first opportunity.
    At CES 2018, osram demonstrated its laser technology, which plays an important role in the realization of autonomous LiDAR, the infrared technology of advanced driver assistance system, the intelligent headlight that can warn the road obstacles, and the biological monitoring of the emergency health condition of drivers.
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