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Outlook of future LED headlamp optical design trend

Time:2018-09-12 Views:213
    With the development of humanized driving trend, LED headlamp lighting is also evolving towards intelligent direction.Among them, as an important part of autonomous driving technology, adaptive driving technology (ADB) is bound to become the main development direction of LED headlamp lighting in the future.Matrix lighting and electronic control occlusion technology are available in the automotive lighting optics scheme adapted to ADB technology.
    Matrix lighting can take advantage of the small LED luminous surface to the maximum extent, and realize the accurate lighting of a local area through a small aperture, thus greatly increasing the flexibility of control.The representative application is audi A8 matrix LED headlamp for automobile, which can realize sub-area and sub-module lighting, making it safer and more user-friendly.
    The traditional headlamp is designed in such a way that the reflection effect of the smooth paraboloid is combined with the transparent lamp shell with decorative patterns. The light source is concentrated in the focal distance of the paraboloid so as to form a parallel light beam, which is then shaped into a sculptural light source through a small convex lens.At present, the two main headlights are divided into multi-reflected-mirror (multi-re-flector).MR and Projection system.
    In fact, although the technical route selection of the headlamp is rich, but considering cost performance and the feasibility of the process, the truly practical technical solution is also relatively limited.The lens + reflector system, for example, has a wide range of applications, but it is Japanese, European and American companies that have patents on it.Compared with other technology routes, matrix technology scheme is smaller in the choice of scheme, so the patent barrier of foreign enterprises will be higher. Therefore, China‘s optical design team and automobile lighting enterprises need to pay special attention to protect and avoid relevant intellectual property rights.
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