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Range Rover delivers a new LED headlight application

Time:2018-07-13 Views:368

Range Rover Sport has always combined the refinement and capability of a large SUV with the performance of a sports car.
Premium design
Range Rover Sport’s exterior design underlines its dynamic character with purposeful visual cues. The lights and slimline grille blend into a clean, single surface, while the front bumper design creates a planted, ground-hugging aesthetic that optimises airflow for enhanced cooling.

Lighting the way
Range Rover Sport features
LED headlight technology to provide superior illumination. More energy efficient and designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, the light they produce is much closer to daylight and helps make night driving less tiring.

All models feature signature daytime running lights, automatic headlights and power wash but the new technology delivers four headlight options:
The standard Premium headlight package has 24 LEDs per vehicle, with Signature Running Lights and optional Auto High Beam Assist.

The state-of-the-art Matrix LED light system with 52 LEDs offers the next level of functionality by splitting the beam into vertical strips that can be controlled individually and allow for use of the high and low beam at the same time.
Pixel LED lighting delivers complete control of 142 individual LEDs. It maximises the amount of light the Range Rover Sport projects onto the road by splitting the main beam pattern vertically and horizontally.

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