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USA has increased tariffs on Chinese goods to 25%, excluding LED headlights

Time:2018-08-29 Views:168
Trump Administration (US Trade Representative Office) announced on July 11
Chinese goods worth US$200 billion are expected to be subject to a 10% import tariff list. Recently, import tariffs have been raised by 25%, among which LED products and automotive lighting products are listed. This addition has more than 900 tax numbers according to US standards, covering a very wide range, which has brought tremendous pressure on Chinese export enterprises. Lighting products for automotive lighting companies, especially panel lights, have been included in the list of affected projects. The new round of tariff measures will not take effect immediately. The US side said that the review procedure for tariffs on China is expected to last for about two months. The first is the public comment stage. Stakeholders can submit comments to the US Trade Representative Office. The US authorities hold a hearing from August 20th to 23rd and take further decisions after the end of the public comment period on August 30. It is expected to take effect in September 2018. The United States will impose a 25% levy on China for the first time in April 2018. The tariff is about 1,300 industrial technologies, transportation and medical products. Some LED equipment and automotive parts have been included, but LED headlights are not included.

Industry analysts pointed out that the high-power LED devices produced by Cree Cree in China will be affected by the 25% tariff.

Tax impact
China‘s automotive lighting industry has obvious advantages and has formed a global industrial cluster, which has obvious comprehensive cost advantages compared with other regions in the world. Even with a tariff of more than 10%, it is difficult for US consumers to obtain alternative products from other countries in the short term, and 10% of the additional tariff costs will be shared among US consumers and Chinese automotive lighting manufacturers.