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Volkswagen creates a new lighting system - car headlights for optical lane assist

Time:2018-11-12 Views:147
According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen is trying to use car headlights and taillights to project information onto the road around the car. On October 17, local time, the car company said it was developing a new lighting system that would use 30,000 tiny components in the lightbox to communicate with other drivers on the road.
Volkswagen says it is using a headlight with Optical Lane Assist. The light projects a line showing the width of the vehicle onto the road, helping the driver keep the car in the lane. The system can also project the width of the object being towed by the trailer to avoid objects stuck behind the trailer being stuck.
For Volkswagen taillights, the Optical Park Assist system can be used to project the path the vehicle will pass through the taillights. This system is designed to alert other drivers and pedestrians so that they can avoid the driver. Or you can use the many small pixels of the taillight to display information, and Volkswagen shows a symbol that warns the state of charge of the electric car. According to the company, the feature can also be used to eliminate traffic jams through vehicle-to-vehicle communication in busy traffic situations. Lights can also be used to share information about the state of the car. For example, a door light handle attached to a Volkswagen prototype has a narrow light bar that indicates whether the car is locked or unlocked (red or green) and indicates whether a nearby smart phone can be used as a car key.
Volkswagen points out that light projection technology is also very important for autonomous vehicles. Many companies are testing lighting systems that allow autonomous vehicles to send signals to their road users about their intended path and direction. Volkswagen‘s system projects arrow-shaped light strips onto the road to help other road users understand the direction in which the self-driving car is planned to travel.